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4 thg 10, 2013

Hình xưa về Nền Công Nghiệp thời VNCH (P2)

Nền Công Nghiệp Thời VNCH

Nhằm mang đến cho các bạn của Sài Gòn Xưa & Nay những hình ảnh của một cuộc sống phồn thịnh ,không chỉ nền giáo dục đầy tính nhân văn mà còn có cả một nền công nghiệp-thủ công mỹ nghệ-cơ khí phát triển hưng thịnh của một thời gợi nhớ.Đồng thời cũng giới thiệu với các bạn trẻ ,những bạn chưa có nhiều cơ hội được biết sự thật thì đây chính là những khoảnh khắc của sự thật lịch sử đã từ lâu bị lãng quên và bị bóp méo khá nhiều.....
(Sài Gòn Xưa & Nay )
 Vietnamese air traffic controllers in the tower at Tan Son Nhut must be multilingual to handle arrival of international flights - sometimes only 40 seconds apart.


Two new 727 passenger jets fly Air Vietnam's three international runs.


More than 1.5 million Vietnamese citizens from all walks of like were able to travel cheaply during 1969 aboard Air Vietnam, the government-controlled airline.

Air Vietnam cargo handlers load a DC-3 with goods bound for a rural town. The new Tan Son Nhut control tower under construction (left, background) is due for completion by June 1970.

Silhouetted By Smoke And Steam - A VICASA worker guides a giant bucket as it dips molten steel from a pit beneath one of the mill's furnaces.

Widespread use of plastics did not begin in Vietnam until several years ago, but today it is a booming industry producing a vast array of colorful, cheap, light-weight, long-lasting articles. This vendor's stall in Saigon sells pans, sieves, baskets, water jugs and many other products.

At Ufiplastic Company, largest and oldest producer of plastic products in Vietnam, this printing machine can apply up to six colors.

Two calendars are in operation at this plastic plant and ground is being broken for a third.

In this plastic plant, four coolers serve one calendar.

This extruder is producing rigid sheet-corrugated plastic for roofing.

A Vietnamese technician works an extruder producing rigid plastic pipe for drainpipes and rain gutters.

A printing machine adds three colors to plastics products.

Coming from the printing machine, this plastic sheeting is rolled and colored, ready for wrapping.

Do Ngoc Phuoc, director of SONADEZI (National Society for the Development of Industrial Zones), is the sparkplug behind South Vietnam's program aiming at industrialization through the creation of industrial parks. SONADEZI, which helps new investors get started through loans and technical advice, now sees its first development - the Bien Hoa Industrial Estates - nearing completion.

 Wooden poles to carry power lines are treated in this plant at Phan Rang so they can stand for 35 years. Run by the Vietnamese National union of Electrical Cooperatives, the plant has a capacity of 30,000 to 50,000 poles a year. They are being used by electrical cooperatives in Tuyen Duc, An Giang and Bien Hoa.

A "charge" goes into a bundle of poles at the Phan Rang treatment plant of the National union of Electrical Cooperatives. The "charge," 24 hours of pentachlorophenol applied under pressure, enables the poles to stand for 35 years. They carry power lines of three electrical cooperatives in South Vietnam.

Huynh Van Chuan, manager of the electrical cooperative with headquarters in Long Xuyen, pores over diagrams of main feeder lines bringing electricity to three district towns of An Giang province.

A meter is installed in a Thot Not home in An Giang as a new member joins the electrical cooperative. Ultimately the cooperative will reach 20,000 families in An Giang.

New poles carry the 15,000-volt main line of the An Giang electrical cooperative out to Thoai Son, near the Cambodian border. Thoai Son is adjacent to Nui Sap Mountain, source of most of the Mekong Delta's crushed rock and gravel.

Vietnamese steel workers handle the huge bucket with care as the molten metal flows from an open cock into moulds which shape it into meter-long billets.

His muscles straining, a Vietnamese worker at the Bien Hoa steel plant uses a hydraulic clipper to remove inferior steel from the end of each ingot.

South Vietnamese Trade Fair Promotes "Productivity and Quality" - Fine Handicraft - Admirers cluster around Vietnamese handicraft at its finest, lacquer vases and lamp bases formed on a silk base, with traditional inlaid mother-of-pearl designs.

 South Vietnamese Trade Fair Promotes "Productivity and Quality" - Batteries - Pretty girls sell fairgoers dry-cell batteries produced by a Vietnamese company that also makes flashlights and voltage regulators

South Vietnamese Trade Fair Promotes "Productivity and Quality" - Sprayers - These insecticide sprayers, in an exhibit organized by the Land Reform Ministry, are part of a made-in-Vietnam display designed to promote modern agricultural-production methods.

South Vietnamese Trade Fair Promotes "Productivity and Quality" - Yarn - In a pavilion sponsored by South Vietnamese textile industries, these fair visitors are examining nationally produced yarns and threads.

 South Vietnamese Trade Fair Promotes "Productivity and Quality" - Healthful Food - These smiling ladies are selling Vietnam-produced rice flour and other food products, at prices lower than those available on the retail market outside the fairgrounds.

South Vietnamese Trade Fair Promotes "Productivity and Quality" - Fresh Produce - Fairgoers eagerly gather to buy fresh fruit and vegetables brought in from the provinces - demonstrating the variety and quality of farm products in South Vietnam.

 South Vietnamese Trade Fair Promotes "Productivity and Quality" - Made in Vietnam - On display at the Saigon fair is this utility vehicle called "La Dalat." It has been assembled in Vietnam since mid-1970 with a Vietnamese-made body and French-built chassis and motor by the Citroen company.
South Vietnamese Trade Fair Promotes "Productivity and Quality" - Latest Equipment - Vietnamese sales firms demonstrate Japanese-built tractors. One object of the Saigon trade fair is to encourage greater farm production by modern, mechanized methods.

South Vietnamese Trade Fair Promotes "Productivity and Quality" - Busy Fair - Thousands of South Vietnamese passed through this main entrance to view the largest trade fair in their country's history.

South Vietnam Gears For Logistical Self-Sufficiency By Mid-1973 - Gasoline For Troops - An employee of South Vietnam's Fifth Area Logistics Command in Nha Trang fill gasoline drums for convoy shipment to military sub-depots and units throughout a seven-province area in Central Vietnam.

Sugar Refinery - A new sugar refinery (left) and warehouse (right) are under construction at Bien Hoa, 30 kilometers north of Saigon.

Refinery - At the Khanh Hoi refinery, Indonesian technician Kim Ze examines a sugar sample taken from a vacuum pan.

Sugar Refinery - Bagged white sugar comes down a carrier at the Khanh Hoi refinery for loading aboard warehouse-bound trucks.

A CARIC worker files down the blades of a propeller which will drive a 200-ton steel barge.

CARIC workers operate a lathe at the Saigon shipyard, which can build steel craft up to 300 tons.

A Vietnamese girl employed at the CARIC shipyard in Saigon operates a seam welder used in the fabrication of gas cylinders.

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